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Mother ease Bedwetter Pant

Bedwetter Pants


Our Bedwetter Pant is a pull-up style super absorbent pant for older children that need night time protection.

The absorbent inner is made from our white cotton terry and the outer is made from our warp knit polyester PUL fabric.


  • 21 oz absorbency - no boosters needed!
  • Natural cotton inner
  • Waterproof PUL outer
  • Easy pull up & down
  • Fully washable!
  • & ships FREE


Use coupon code: BED5 to save $5.00 off when purchasing 2 or more!


Turn pant inside out (see pictures) for washing.
Wash with HOT water and quality detergent.
Machine dry on Medium or Low heat setting.
Click here for full Care Details


Is the Bedwetter Pant only available in white? - Yes
Do you have a Larger size, 65+ lbs? - Not at this time

Customer Reviews

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Turn pant inside out to launder.

Wash in HOT water with a quality detergent. Use the full manufacturer's recommended amount.

Another helpful hint, if you rinse out your Bedwetter Pant in the morning, this will remove most of the concentrated urine making it easier for your washer to get them clean!

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