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Leak-free Cloth Diapering Systems
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Wizard Duo Night Time 2 Package Perfect Size

Wizard Duo 2.0 - Perfect Size Night Time Diaper Set


The Perfect Size Night Time Package offers parents the ability to use the One Size Night Time Duo Inserts with our Perfect Sized Duo Covers, for a great fit, using the One Size Inserts!

Insert Size Cover Size Absorbency
One Size (10-35 lbs) Small (10-18 lbs) 17 oz  (500 ml)
One Size (10-35 lbs) Medium (18-27 lbs) 17 oz  (500 ml)
One Size (10-35 lbs) Large (27-35 lbs) 17 oz  (500 ml)

For the next cover size, see our Wizard Duo Perfect Size Covers

Tired of changing clothes and bedding because nothing works?

The Wizard Duo Night Time diaper pack is the answer for night, naps or traveling.
With superior absorbency, it is leak-proof and far better than disposables!

This Night Time Duo system will keep your baby leak free and dry!

Package Size: Package Includes: Diaper Changes:
 2 Diaper Package:  2x Perfect Size Duo Covers +
 2x Night Time Duo Inserts 2.0
Creates 2 Diaper Changes
 3 Diaper Package:  2x Perfect Size Duo Covers +
 3x Night Time Duo Inserts 2.0
Creates 3 Diaper Changes
 4 Diaper Package:  3x Perfect Size Duo Covers +
 4x Night Time Duo Inserts 2.0
Creates 4 Diaper Changes

Looking to purchase just the individual Night Time Duo Inserts 2.0? Click here!

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Wizard Duo Cover - White
Wizard Duo Cover - Oceans
Wizard Duo Cover - Savanna
Wizard Duo Cover - Blue Raindrop
Blue Raindrop
Wizard Duo Cover - Yellow
Yellow Sundance
Wizard Duo Cover - Orange
Orange Sunset

Wizard Duo Cover - Teal
Teal Tidewater

Wizard Duo Cover - Green
Seafoam Green

Wizard Duo Cover - Wood Violet
Wood Violet

Wizard Duo Cover - Coral
Coral Reef

Small Night Time - 15 oz    (425 ml)
Large Night Time - 17 oz    (500 ml)
One Size Night Time - 17 oz    (500 ml)
The Unbleached Cotton and Bamboo Terry are both natural fibers, so your baby will feel wet when they pee. They are naturally absorbent and perform great, day or night.

The Bamboo Terry is slightly more absorbent and velvety soft to the touch. However, the drying time is slightly longer than the Unbleached Cotton.

Next, is the Stay Dry. This is made from 100% polyester which has a great deal more technology incorporated! The Stay Dry material keeps your baby feeling completely dry in a wet diaper, which promotes healthier skin and reduces the chance of a rash. It is also much more absorbent and has the same drying times as our Cotton!

Lastly, our Night Time has all of the qualities as our Stay Dry with an even more absorbent core! No need to add any absorbent boosters for night time.

For more information, check out our Fabrics Page

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