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Leak-free Cloth Diapering Systems
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Stay Dry Liners laid inside Sandy's Fitted Diaper

Stay Dry Barrier


Our Stay Dry Barriers create a completely dry barrier between your baby's skin and their cloth diaper - simply lay inside and snap the diaper closed!

Made from 100% polyester, the Stay Dry fabric quickly moves the wetness away from your baby's skin, keeping them comfortable and dry!

A MUST have for parents using natural fiber diapers that want a stay-dry solution for nights and naps! Also a great alternative to using flushable diaper liners.

Each Stay Dry Barrier is double sided to stay in place and sized generously to fit inside any cloth diaper. With an impressive 9" x 13" size, parents just need to fold the excess and snap your diaper closed.

Available in Packages of 3.

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