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Leak-free Cloth Diapering Systems
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Leakage Defender Package promo

Leakage Defender Package


Leakage Defender Package

Our Leakage Defender Package is here to solve your leaking Pocket and All-in-One Diapers!

We have packaged together our Air Flow Snap covers + Sandy's Absorbent Liners to end leaks and keep your baby's skin dry and comfortable! & Ships free!

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Each Package includes:

  • 2x Air Flow Snap Covers
  • 6x Sandy's Absorbent Liners - Stay Dry on Cotton


Size 1 = up to 20 lbs
Size 2 = 20 to 27 lbs
Size 3 = 27 to 35 lbs
Size 4 = 35 to 45 lbs



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