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Duo One Size Diaper

Welcome to the Wizard Duo OneSize Shopping Page

Slim, Simple, Economical, Leakproof… The Wizard Duo Diaper has it all!

The Wizard Duo Diaper consists of a Duo Diaper Insert and Cover that snap together to make a 1 Step Diapering System.

Wizard Duo - All in Two cloth diaper combines the absorbent Duo Diaper Insert with the Duo Cover by snapping them together before use, or apart for washing.

The Wizard Duo becomes as simple to use as our Wizard Uno - All in One diaper once snapped together and as economical as ever! Simply replace the Duo Diaper Insert when wet or soiled and reuse the Duo Cover 3-4 times!

For full time cloth diapering with the Wizard Duo system, all you need is 24 Duo Inserts and 4 Duo Covers.

Click here to visit the Wizard Duo OneSize page for more information.

Available in a Variety of Colors and Prints!




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