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Wish I would have found them sooner! (11/15/2013)
Jenna - California, USA

I cloth diapered my first son, I loved it, but we were always fighting to get it right. He potty trained before our second son was born, and while I kept my old diapers I wasn''t excited about using them. I heard about ME from a mommy forum. I saw the price, and heard rave reviews and thought well lets try these, why not? Um why did no one tell me about these with my older son?! We love these soooo much. The fit is great, they are wonderfully absorbent, and super soft. My husband (who loves them too) and I felt so good about wrapping up our newborn in this soft fluff! Our Mothers weren''t excited we were going to cloth diaper again after never finding the one with our older son but they have been converted. My friend who is pregnant has decided to cloth diaper after seeing these on my son and how easy they are to use. You will not be sorry you bought these!

The BEST Cloth Diaper (6/1/2013)
Laura - TX, USA

I am somewhat new to cloth diapering, I started about 4 months ago when my son was a few weeks old and a friend converted me. I have four kids and he is my last, I wish I''d known about these diapers sooner!! My daughter is 18 months and I''ve been using them on her the last few months as well. I have 14 Sandy''s Large and 14 Sandy''s Small. Paired with the Sandy''s absorbent liners and the Mother-ease Air Flow covers, you have an absolutely fool-proof cloth diapering system! I was so tired of blowouts with my son, that''s why I originally switched to cloth. I''m so thankful I knew someone that could get me started out right so I didn''t have to go through a lot of trial and error. Definitely prep your diapers, that''s very important. Also, a wash system that works well for us is one gentle warm rinse (no detergent), one hot normal wash with detergent (I also use 2 Tbls of baking soda and 1 Tbls of bleach to combat ammonia build-up) followed by one more delicate warm rinse and finishing off with a cold rinse/spin. This works GREAT! I have zero stains in my diapers using this method and they haven''t broken down at all over time. LOVE THESE DIAPERS, highly recommend!!

I wish i knew then.... (2/15/2013)
Anne - Virginia beach, va usa

I overlooked these diapers. I wish i hadnt. They are the ones my daughter likes to wear. They slip on easy. I find my 22 lb daughter has plenty of room and is not even on the smallest setting of a small. The fit with bamboo is the trimmest. And the material feels the softest. Do not compare the bamboo to other companies! They wash great. They are durable, they are so cute. I have no problems with the fit, wearing jeans, most times we dont even use a cover. Plus they offer lifetime guarantee on elastics and snaps!


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