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FINALLY, NO LEAKS! (7/29/2014)
Salvation Health - Tampa

Best nighttime diaper for baby's skin and NO LEAKING!

amazing (3/17/2014)
Arlene - Fort McMurray

Great product. No leaks ever. I just wish they made them in one size smaller as my daughter is only 27lbs. She is not yet 2 but stays dry most nights. Would also be nice to have them in some fun colors. I painted a picture on the front of each of ours using fabric paint to make it fun for my daughter. The picture also helps her to know what side is the front. Even though they are too bigfor her, they do work good and have never had a leak. They must be turned inside out if you want them to dry fast.

No leaks! (1/24/2014)
Barbara - Texas USA

I use these for my 4 year old daughter and they are the best! They have never leaked, unlike the disposable pull ups she used to wear. I wash and dry them with the regular laundry (including dryer sheets) with no problem. I do wash them on their own (with tide powder and hot water) once a month or so to get any residue off. She can put them on herself. We call them nighttime panties. They are bulky, but they will absolutely keep your sheets dry.

Awesome!!! (10/11/2013)
Jordan - Minnesota United States

I really love my mother-ease bedwetter pants!! I bought these for my six and five year old boys. I was sick of buying pull ups plus I was switching to cloth diapers for my 16 Month old so I thought I would do cloth pull ups too. Hard to find tho!! I was actually surprised how uncommon cloth pull ups(For older kids) were so I''m glad I knew about these from a previous diaper order. Anyway my six yr old is an extremely heavy wetter and leaked out of pull ups often. We haven''t had one single leak with these tho!! I do have a problem right now tho. My six yr old has a bad itchy rash on his bum. I think it''s from the pull ups. I use Kirkland original (Costco) which is like tide original and calgon water softener because our water is extremely hard. The last few cloth diaper/pull up loads I''ve done have had bleach due to hand foot mouth in my toddler. So I''m wondering if it''s the bleach or what? Anyone else have this problem? I really love these and don''t want to give upon them!!!

Finally! (9/9/2013)
R - Los Angeles, California

I finally found the night time solution for my three year old toddler. He''s fully potty trained during the day but not at night even if I asked him in the middle of the night to use the potty we still have terrible leaks in the morning. So pretty much as soon as he wakes up he is soaking wet! and I have to wash his bed liners every single day. This saves me the trouble. I am so in love with the Bedwetter Pants. We''ve only been using this for a week but so far no more morning laundry for me. Hopefully ME will have it available on different colors since white is very boring even for me. Otherwise I am so thankful for this product. Thanks Mother-ease :)

Thank you (7/12/2013)
Nate - NC

I would like to say thank you for putting together such a great product. I recently visited a thread, where a mother recommended your nightime diapers for older/larger children. I am so glad that I happened into that discussion. I have been looking for well over a year for something that would work for my seven year old very tall (as tall as most ten year olds) bedwetter. Nothing was working. Aside from the lack of fitting, he also has allergies to some fibers amd chemicals very commonly used in disposable diapers. I tried a couple of different cloth options but we couldn't seem to find the right fit. He was waking up nearly every morning soaking wet with a rash and mild fever. We had finally just given up and had him sleeping on absorbent bedpads with extra blankets. Lots and lots of laundry! That is of course until the motherease bedwetter diapers arrived! Thanks soooooo much! They were worth EVERY PENNY! I wish I had found out about motherease much sooner.

Love these! (6/20/2013)
Erika - MT

These are not trim like Pull Ups but they don''t leak either. I think the bulkiness is fine -my 5 year old doesn''t mind it but my 7 year old who started night wetting again in response to a move (stress) was motivated to stop wetting because of the bulk. :)

Awesome! (5/4/2013)
Emily - MN

These are amazing! My three year old was tired of goodnights because they made him feel sticky. He''s completely potty trained, except for having an occasional night time accident. He loves these, saying they''re comfy and make him feel like a big boy. They''re bulky, yes, but what else would you expect from something that''s supposed to absorb a big amount of liquid in a short amount of time?

Goodbye Pull-ups! (4/29/2013)
Judith - Fayetteville

My heavy wetter loves this. I love it because it stands up to a full night with a heavy wetter, no leaks! Ever. The only downside is that it is bulky (looks silly under pj pants), but it does the job. Oh, and my daughter is usually very sensitive to the feel of her clothes, but she doesn''t mind this. She calls it her cloud princess pull-up:)

So far, great bed wetter pants! Part 2 (4/27/2013)
Dianne - SC

No snaps or Velcro, so this is not for a kid who still poops in diapers. There is a second layer inside the diaper that is attached at the waistband but otherwise loose, so it dangles outside the diaper while drying. Speeds drying time. We didn''t have any leaking, but I did check to make sure that the water proof outside layer was rolled inward against her skin before putting on pajamas. If they rolled out and the cotton inside was touching her pajamas, there could easily be some wicking. They are super soft now but I''m expecting some piling inside after repeated use. They are a bit more expensive than I wanted to spend but at $30 apiece they will pay for themselves within 2 months each. I definitely would recommend them. I will also update here in a few months to confirm that they still work well, or if problems have developed. Happy cloth diapering!

So far, great bed wetter pants! - Part 1 (4/27/2013)
Dianne - SC

These are for a tall, skinny, 40# 4-year old. I ordered the small size, 40-55#. They fit just a tad loose. Not really a problem but worth noting. They stay on fine but I could literally fit my whole fist between the waistband and her tummy. Once you put pajama bottoms on, they stay flush against skin. I prepped it once by washing it with my other cloth diapers- entire load without soap, entire load on hot with soap, entire load rinse. It didn''t dry as quickly as my fitteds and covers, but that is to be expected from an all-in-one. They were slightly damp, so I flipped them inside out, letting the liner dangle out, and tossed them on top of dryer. Put them in with my next dryer load. They dried fine. They do appear really poofy when she puts them on, but do alright under clothes. There''s alot of stretch in them.

Best nighttime option out there! (4/12/2013)
D - Raleigh, NC

These Mother-Ease bedwetter pants are a life saver! They are the only thing we''ve found that keeps our almost-4-yr-old son''s bed dry at night. He is completely potty-trained during the day time, but just can''t control it yet at night. He will leak through anything, even the nighttime pull-ups. We seem to have tried everything without success, but we finally found these Mother-Ease pants. They are very bulky, but they really work! And if you used cloth diapers, like we did, they shouldn''t shock you :-)

My son is about 36 pounds, and pretty tall and lean, and the X-small size fits him perfectly. If you are at your wit''s end at trying to find a nighttime solution, try these pants!

VERY absorbent! (4/5/2013)
Kimberly - CA

This is the ONLY pair of cloth pull-up style pants that have contained leaks for our 5-yr-old at night. We have tried everything and nothing else had 100% containment.

Things to know before you order... they''re bulky (thus the effective containment) and most pajama pants don''t fit. We used Mother-Ease cloth diapers when our child was younger, so this wasn''t as big an issue for us, but if you''ve never used cloth diapers, this will be a shock.

One other thing... when you wash and dry, we have had to dry in the electric dryer twice because it was still damp after one go-round. Turning it inside out was really helpful, though.

Absorbent!! (3/28/2013)
Laura - Pennsylvania

These pull up style bedwetter pants work amazing! the only down is that they are kind of big but I guess thats to absorb all the pee :)


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