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Cute and functional (6/11/2013)
Monica - Purcellville, VA

We bought two of these for our 1 year old son. Colors are bright and look nice as a stand alone suit, or they fit under baby swim trunks. The medium size fits well, they are easy to put on. We haven''t had the true test of dealing with poop, but I think they''ll do the job!

Great quality, snaps are key, but does run small (5/20/2013)
Ann - FL

I bought this swim diaper because it's one of the few that snaps off. That way, if poop happens, you can pull the diaper off sideways rather than pull the poop down the legs of the toddler (eww). However, it's way, way undersized. My daughter is 31 lbs and the XL (supposedly sized for 33-40 lbs) barely fits her. Disappointing, because the quality is great!

Great Swim Diaper (4/25/2013)
Suzanne - North Carolina

We loved this swim diaper so much we are now buying them as birthday gifts. We preferred this diaper over the Bummis swim diaper because the Velcro tabs got stuck to everything. The adjustable snaps along with the stretchy swimsuit material make this a great diaper.

Great Alternative (4/22/2013)
Nye - Michigan

I was a bit uneasy about trying these, but was tired of the price of disposable swim diapers. The first time wearing it in the pool my one year old decided to truly test their ability to hold and they did not leak. I highly recommend them.

Great swim diaper (4/19/2013)
Rachel - Springfield

I really like this swim diaper. We bought a small one and a medium for our two kids last year. They fit great and we used them all summer. This year we just need the medium one for the 1-year old and will buy a second one to have when it is in the washer. It''s a super trim fit, like a little baby speedo! Super cute. Fits true to size, according to pounds. We have only had one poo experience while wearing this in the pool, and all the mess was contained, so it definitely did it''s job!

great fit (4/5/2013)
Elizabeth - U.S

I love the trimness of this diaper! The side snaps gave a secure fit for my skinny little guy, and I think that it''s adjustable enough that he can wear it next year, too!

awesome swim diaper (3/29/2013)
Andrea - CA

This swim diaper is awesome because it has snaps on BOTH sides which makes it SO much easier to clean poopy messes! It does run a little big in my opinion, our 14 months old still wears the small one on the smallest setting. We''ve had this diaper for a while now and it has held up great - I really recommend this diaper to anyone shopping for a swim diaper!

Great Product! (3/27/2013)
Jessy - Cleveland

I LOVE your swim diapers. I wish i had found them sooner!!! I would like to share this seemingly hidden treasure of a find with other mom''s in my swim class. Your suits really are the best - the only ones that don''t scrape my skin or pull at my swimsuit while we ''swim''.


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