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My Go-to covers (4/28/2014)
Jessica - Idaho, USA

I have been CDing twins for > 2yrs now. I use prefolds along with several styles of covers. The ME Airflow covers are high on the list of favorites! They are easy to put on, launder beautifully w/o retaining stains and can''t be removed by curious toddlers. I also appreciate they are Canadian-made. I don''t buy CD products made outside NA/Europe because I don''t think workers and the environment are appropriately protected.

The absolute best! (11/26/2013)
Amy - Missouri, USA

These are the only covers I will use and recommend to friends. They never leak!! They work great with ME diapers. We use the Rikki covers for prefolds. Cannot recommend these enough. They hold up well after many washings!

Great for Hot Climates! (6/24/2013)
Rebecca - San ANtonio TX, USA

We moved to San Antonio TX from the colder NW Colorado and North Michigan. The heat and PUL of pockets did not work. We when back to ME like we used with our 20 yea old and diapering is not RED and washing is easy again. These really breath and are easier to care for than wool.

Pair with Sandy''s... UNSTOPPABLE! (6/1/2013)
Laura - TX, USA

I already wrote a review on the amazing Sandy diapers, so I''ll keep this short! Paired with the Sandy''s fitted, you have an absolutely unbeatable cloth diapering system with these covers. I cannot recommend them enough! Start with these and you won''t go back. Use them on two kids and no leaks, blowouts or mess to deal with EVER!

The best diaper system (3/20/2013)
Krissy - NC

Leak free, easy to clean and the covers last 2-5 diaper changes. they can be sprayed off with vinegar and just wiped clean. Awesome system.

Cover does it JOB!!! (3/12/2013)
Lauren - Wisconsin

Along with the Mother-Ease Sandy's cloth diaper this cover works great. Even though size x-small and small has the same weight limits the small does run a little larger. I was able use size x-small for 3 months and now I have moved on to size small. The covers can be used for a couple of changes so I only go through 4 covers in a day. No blow outs, leakage, ruined clothes, or ruined bed sheets. Over all great diaper cover.

So soft, NO leaks (3/2/2013)
Nicci - Kentucky

LOVE the Mother-Ease fitted diapers, but resisted getting these covers for a long time because they just didn't have enough pizazz for me. However I finally decided to give them a try and I have to say I REALLY like them. They are very soft, softer than any other PUL covers I have, and the leg gussets are very gentle. The whole cover is made in a way to fit a little bit looser so that it breathes more- it's not supposed to be skin-tight. So it initially looks quite big but it actually smooths out very well under clothes, and I NEVER have leaks with these. I mean NEVER. So these are great for any time of the day or night, and you can adjust the snaps for babies with a smaller waist and chubby thighs, or vice-versa. It's very adjustable. I DO wish Mother-Ease would jazz up their covers a bit, get some funky prints, but the pink and yellow are nice colors.

Excellent with disposable diapers too! (2/28/2013)
Abby & Jacks's Mom - PA

I use this diaper as a cover over our disposable night diapers to prevent leaks and I love it. My 18 month old was leaking out of her "extra protection" night diapers at least 3 nights a week. It was so frustrating and I tried multiple different brands. Found these diaper covers and decided to give it a try. She hasn't leaked since and that was a few months ago! They are super thin which makes it perfect for over the bulky disposable, but have a nice wet proof lining on the inside. The snaps work well for growing bellies and legs. We ended up getting the large instead as the legs seemed a bit small for her despite her weight being 25 lbs. Would recommend to anyone.

Love these covers (2/20/2013)
Julie - Kansas

This is the third time around that we''ve used cloth diapers with the ME airflow covers - and they are my favorite, by far. They have NEVER leaked - at ANY stage for us. The legs have several snap settings, so you can make them as tight or loose as you prefer, and the waist is the same way. They are not bulky under clothing and the ample coverage insures that when you remove a particularly messy diaper you don''t get it on anything else. We use the covers with all of our diapers, which include many different brands of fitted diapers. The price isn''t bad at all, and they wash really well - like I said, this is the third time around some of these covers are being used. The small covers snap reverse of the larger sizes, so they snap towards the front instead of front to back, but they work just as well! These covers come in overlapping sizes so you are sure to get a custom fit.

Awesome cover! (2/18/2013)
Julie - North Carolina/US

The Air-flow cover is the best. The PUL is a high quality durable PUL. Much heavier than other covers and if taken care of properly last through 2 or more babies. The snaps and elastics do not fail and last the life of the cover. It truly is the second have of the Mother-ease leak-proof system and we love them!


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