One Size Trial Offer

This offer is approx. 30% off the retail price.

This Trial Package includes:
    1 One Size Diaper (8-35 lbs)
    1 Snap In Absorbent Liner
    1 Air Flow Snap Cover of your indicated Cover Size and Color/Print

The diaper and absorbent liner are available in our custom made Fabrics including White and Unbleached Cotton Terry, Organic Cotton Terry, Bamboo Terry and Stay Dry on Unbleached Cotton Terry.

All taxes, shipping and handling costs are included in this one special price.

Limit one OneSize Fitted Trial Offer per customer.


Unbleached Cotton Terry - $23.95
White Cotton Terry - $23.95
Organic Cotton Terry - $26.95
Bamboo Terry - $26.95
Stay Dry on Unbleached Cotton Terry - $26.95

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One Size diapers are great because you only need to purchase one size for most babies. However, if you are interested in a custom fitted diaper for different weight ranges please try our Sandy's 2 Size Fitted Diaper System.
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