One Size™ Diapers

Our ever popular One Size fitted terry diaper adjusts to grow with your child until potty training age.

The generous cut allows plenty of room for growth while ensuring a leak free comfortable stretchy cotton fit.

Time tested, and with only one size needed the One Size Fitted offers you the very best value. This diaper
 is available in an assortment of popular eco-friendly Diaper Fabrics and fresh Bright Colors.

The Mother-ease One Size™ Diaper fits from 8-35 lbs. and absorbs 13 oz.

For a Leak-free System this diaper requires a Diaper Cover and for added absorbency we recommend the Snap In Absorbent Liner
. Feel free to review Folding Instructions.


Unbleached Cotton - USD $12.95
White Cotton - USD $12.95
Bamboo Terry - USD $15.75
Organic Cotton - USD $15.75
Stay Dry on Cotton - USD $15.75
Yellow Cotton - USD $13.45
Orange Cotton - USD $13.45
Aqua Cotton - USD $13.45
Green Cotton - USD $13.45
Blue Cotton - USD $13.45
Purple Cotton - USD $13.45

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Unbleached Cotton

This diaper has raised the standard for One Size diapers since it's creation in 1992. Designed right the first time - our famously durable Cotton Terry is the most popular diaper sold by Mother-ease.

Stay Dry on Cotton

This is the same design as our One Size diaper but has our exclusive 100% polyester stay dry liner sewn to the inside. Great for any time you would like a stay dry barrier between your baby and the diaper.

Organic Cotton

This is the same design as our One Size diaper but made from 100% organic cotton terry.

Organic cotton is becoming increasingly popular as it is grown without the use of harmful chemicals that have an adverse effect on the environment. Ring spun, combed cotton yarn ensures a top quality grade of cotton. Our Organic Cotton Terry fabric is available in its natural unbleached finish.

Bamboo Terry

This is the same design as our One Size diaper but made from our specially knit bamboo terry. This terry fabric is specially knit with 57% Rayon-Viscose Bamboo fibre / 25% Cotton / 18% Polyester. Polyester is knit into the base of the fabric to provide strength, durability and shrinkage control. Our Bamboo Terry is available in its natural unbleached finish.

Bamboo fiber is considered a sustainable textile and grows without the need of herbicides and pesticides. The bamboo used in our yarn is a man made fiber using the viscose process. It is made from organically grown bamboo and the factory producing it follows strict environmental standards (ISO14001:2004) as well as employee health standards (OHSAS18001:1999). This yarn has been tested free of harmful substances according to Oeko Tex Standard 100 for baby articles.

Please review these other products:
Snap In Absorbent Liners™
Snap In Absorbent Liners™ give you three additional layers of knit cotton terry that simply snap into our One Size™ diapers when additional absorbency is required.

Our Snap In Absorbent Liners™ are available in all our Fabric options including Unbleached or White Cotton,
Stay Dry on Cotton, Organic Cotton or Bamboo Terry

These liners hold an extra 7 oz. and are great for overnight use.
Our Price: USD $2.95

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Air Flow™ Snap Cover

Style- available in white, soft yellow, pink or our new Eco Theme™ prints.

See our Cover Special under Packages/Special Offers for a discount when buying 4 covers.

*Size XSm (6-12 lbs) used only with the Mother-ease™ Newborn Diaper.

Our Price: USD $13.25

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One Size Introductory Offer

This offer is approx. 30% off the retail price.

This Introductory Package includes:
•    1 One Size Diaper (8-35 lbs)
•    1 Snap In Absorbent Liner
•    1 Air Flow™ Snap Cover of your indicated Cover Size and Color/Print

The diaper and absorbent liner are available in our custom made Fabrics including White and Unbleached Cotton Terry, Organic Cotton Terry, Bamboo Terry and Stay Dry on Unbleached Cotton Terry.

All taxes, shipping and handling costs are included in this one special price.

Limit one OneSize Fitted Introductory Offer per customer.

Our Price: USD $23.95

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