Biodegradable Diaper Liners

Mother-ease® biodegradable diaper liners are available as a set of 5 packs of 50 quarter folded easy to use perforated sheets. They contain no latex or binders, only 100% bonded cellulose wood pulp and are kind and gentle to skin.

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5 Packs - USD $36.75

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These custom made, very soft paper liners cover the width of our diapers helping ensure ‘messy movements’ stay within the liner and off of the diaper making clean up a breeze.

Package of 50 - Individual sheet size 9” wide x 12” long for ample diaper coverage.

Package instructions are included and read as follows:
-Flushable or compostable
-Non-Chlorine bleached and kind to skin
-Contains no latex or binders

Directions for use:
-Place one sheet into the diaper next to baby's skin. Do not fold the liner. Close the diaper and cover ensuring liner is tucked inside.
-For newborns and small babies liner can be cut in half
-Upon changing the diaper use the liner to help clean and remove any excess feces
-Flush or compost
-Wet liners can be disposed of in the garbage
-Flush one liner at a time

CAUTION: Flushing of any biodegradable diaper liner may cause blockage in old or damaged drains and in sensitive septic systems. If in doubt contact a professional for advice.
Flush at your own risk.

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