Wizard Diaper Packages

WizardTM Packages

Packages are currently available for our Wizard Uno™ All in One Diaper and our Wizard Duo All in Two diaper.

Our packages are designed with the proper combination of diapers, covers and absorbency boosters to make your purchasing decision easier. The discounts range from 5% for smaller packages to 10% for larger packages.

If you would like to try a Mother-ease product before purchasing a package we have Introductory Offers which offer 30% off (limit of 1 each per household.)

Add a Diaper Pail and Mesh Diaper Pail Bag for $45.90 to a Complete Package and save the shipping premium. Please call for this offer.

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Wizard Cloth Diapers
    Duo One Size Diaper
    Duo Small & Large Diaper
    Duo Newborn Diaper
    Duo Night Time Pack
    Duo Cover
    Uno Diaper
    EasyStuff™ Diaper
Fitted Cloth Diapers
    One Size™ Diaper
    Sandy's™ Diaper
    All in One Diaper
Fitted Diaper Packages
    Part Time
    Fitted Cover Special
Fitted Diaper Covers
    Air Flow™ Snap Covers
    Rikki Slim Wrap
    Fitted Cover Special
Absorbent Liners
    Snap In™ Absorbent Liners
    Sandy's™ Absorbent Liners
    Wizard Booster
Diapering Accessories
    Stay Dry Liner
    Biodegradable Diaper Liners
    Baby Wipes
    Diaper Sprayer
    Diaper Pail
    Wet / Dry Bag
Other Products
    Swim Wear
    Training Pants
    Bedwetter Pants
    Contoured Reusable Nursing Pads
    Wash Mitt
Laundering Products
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