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Wizard Duo Trial Package

Wizard Duo Trial Package


This offer is priced at 30% off and includes:

- 2 Duo Diaper Inserts
- 1 Adjustable Duo Cover

This package makes 2 Duo Diapers! Simply snap the Duo Diaper Insert into the Duo Cover. When the first Insert becomes wet or soiled, snap in your second Duo Insert and reuse the Duo Cover!

The absorbent Duo Diaper Insert is available in our custom made Fabrics including Unbleached Cotton Terry, Bamboo Terry and high tech Stay Dry.

Shipping and Handling are included in this special price. Mother ease limits our Wizard Duo Trial Packages to one per household.

Small Unbleached Cotton - 10 oz
Small Bamboo - 10 oz
Small Stay Dry - 12 oz

Large Unbleached Cotton - 11.5 oz
Large Bamboo - 11.5 oz
Large Stay Dry - 15 oz

One Size Unbleached Cotton - 11.5 oz
One Size Bamboo - 11.5 oz
One Size Stay Dry - 15 oz

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