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Sandy's - 6 Diaper Package

Sandy's™ 6 Diaper Package


The Sandy's™ 6 package is available in Newborn (6-12 lbs),  Small (8-20 lbs) and Large (20-35 lbs) and comes with:

6 Sandy's Diapers
3 Sandy's Absorbent Liners (not included with Newborn)
2 Air Flow Snap Covers

Newborn Sandy's Diaper (6-12 lbs) Fits - XSmall Air Flow Cover (6-12 lbs)
Small Sandy's Diaper (8-20 lbs) Fits - Small Air Flow Cover (8-12 lbs)
Fits - Medium Air Flow Cover (10-20 lbs)
Large Sandy's Diaper (20-35 lbs) Fits - MedLarge Air Flow Cover (20-27 lbs)
Fits - Large Air Flow Cover (27-35 lbs)

The diapers and absorbent liners in this package are available in an assortment of popular eco-friendly Environmental Fabrics including Unbleached Cotton Terry, Bamboo Terry and Organic Cotton Terry.

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